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See the benefits of Fox Collaborative Planning

Knowledge is Power and there is a real need to provide intuitive systems that collect and deliver great information easily.

Fox is a modular, scalable, planning application that uses CRM and BI techniques to enable Companies to develop and execute their strategic business plans.

The system delivers one set of numbers for the entire business and empowers everyone to be part of achieving.

Fox brings state-of-the-art business process but does not require major system change.

We simply remove Excel spreadsheets from the planning process replacing them with Fox which interacts with your existing systems resulting in a one-stop data store for plans, forecasts, sales and syndicated data such as IRI and AC Nielsen.

Just because Fox is simple to implement and use doesn’t mean you don’t get the great levels of detail when you need it such as Market, Account and Retailer P+L at any product level.

Fox can be operating in weeks and does not require scarce IT resources. In addition, our unique leasing system means that no capital expenditure is required.

Come on a journey to see why it's the solution of choice for some of the worlds leading consumer goods companies. 

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